Planning Your Trip

Virgin Gorda is easily accessible by air through the major hubs of San Juan, PR and St. Thomas, USVI. We have information on everything you need to plan your trip, from travel and transportation, to what to pack, to groceries and supplies, to taxis and rental cars, and things to do around Virgin Gorda.

Traveling To Virgin Gorda

A number of US airlines fly into both locations and there are pros and cons with each one. San Juan airport is a large airport with more traffic but with generally more affordable flights because it is serviced by a wide range of airlines. St Thomas airport is smaller with limited flights from the mainland. If you book at Bellamare, we can give you more personalized advice about the best way for you to travel depending of your home base, group size, and travel preferences.

For more on travel, see Getting to Bellamare: Travel Tips for Virgin Gorda.

Island Shopping

Almost everything you could need or want (including organic milk) is now available either from one of the six places that sell food and beverages on Virgin Gorda, or by ordering it from a larger grocery store on Tortola and having it sent over on the ferry (a $3 per box charge for the ferry). There are ATMs in Spanish Town and most major credit cards are accepted at most establishments.

For more on groceries, restaurants, and services, see Shopping for Groceries, Wine and Beer.

Bellamare with Kids

We have had several generations of our own family stay at Bellamare, including babies as young as four months, and we look for ways to make Bellamare a child-friendly vacation villa. Many families have stayed at Bellamare and we hope that tradition will continue.

For more information, see Bellamare with Kids.

Rates & Booking

Check our Rates & Booking page for more information about how to book your stay at Bellamare.

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