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Shopping for Groceries, Wine and Beer

When our family first began coming to Virgin Gorda in 1989, we brought a large quantity of food on every trip, everything from powdered juices to meat to spices.  Over the years as the island has became more accessible and added grocery stores and restaurants, we have brought less and less until we now only occasionally bring one small cooler with some organic meats, hard to find spices or perhaps a few special treats.   Almost everything you could need or want (including organic milk) is now available either from one of the six places that sell food and beverages on Virgin Gorda, or by ordering it from a larger grocery store on Tortola and having it sent over on the ferry (a $4 per box charge for the ferry).


Virgin Gorda is very small island and 5 of the 6 grocery stores are ten minutes from the villa along three adjoining roads in Spanishtown.  They are SupaValu, Rosy’s, Bucks Wholesale, Cost-U-Less(formerly RTW), M&M Bakery and Chef’s Pantry (see map).  The sixth is the Chef’s Pantry which is over the mountain on the North end of the island at Leverick. Often you will want to swing by all five of the ones in town to see what they have.

  • SupaValu – The Valley across from the Police Station is one of the smallest but supplies many restaurants.  It has a wide variety of frozen meats and fish, a nice but limited produce section, and some items that can be hard to find at other stores i.e. Rice wine vinegar.

Telephone (284) 495.6500

  • Rosy’s – The Valley is a general grocery store that is often our go-to place when we can’t find something basic like milk at the others.  They also carry local produce whenever it is available and are supplied with tomatoes from a nearby farmer on a regular basis.
    • Open until 8:30pm
    • SaturdaysMonday – Friday 8:30am – 8:00pm
    • Saturday 8:30am – 8:30pm
    • Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm
    • Telephone (284) 495.6765 / 5245
    • Email
  • Buck’s  – The Valley has moved it’s Yacht Harbor store next to Cost U Less on the road to the Baths. Bucks’s Groceries is on the first floor and Buck’s Wholesale is located to the second floor.
  • Cost U Less  – The Valley  located between  the Delta gas station  and Buck’s
  • M&M Bakery – The Valley This is where you get freshly baked bread and pastries. They also have wonderfully roasted BBQ chicken, but you have to get there in the early evening or they are sold out.
    • Telephone (284) 495.5054
  • Chef’s Pantry is very small but tends to have some hard-to-find things, i.e. Newman’s salad dressing, Rao’s marinara sauce, some high-end wines.
    • Telephone (284) 340.3005

Wine and Beer

If you don’t care for the selection in the grocery stores, it is very easy to order wine and beer (or soft drinks) from one of the large distributors on Tortola (we use TICO) and they have extensive wine and beer inventories.  If you call Tico’s in the morning, they very often can have it on one of the afternoon ferries from Roadtown for you to pick up at the ferry dock.